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How To Choose A Faucet

There are many styles of faucets and different sizes. To find the faucet that's right for you, here are a few things to keep in mind.
Try to avoid installing small faucets on large basins and vice versa. Secondly, the design style needs to be consistent, such as modern or classical. Look for the faucet that falls in the center of the bowl. For large washbasins, we recommend choosing a faucet with a tall gooseneck or a pull-out spout. If the faucet is too low, it will cause inconvenience in use. Make sure the new faucet is properly matched to the basin opening, whether it is a 4" medium hole, an 8" medium hole or a single hole.
What design style handle do you want on the sink? American Standard's designs range from traditional cross handles to modern single or double handles. The single and double handle designs are not only stylish but also easy to use for those with smaller hands or less dexterous fingers.
To suit your choice, we offer faucets in a variety of installation options, such as on the sink, basin, countertop or wall. For outlet styles, make sure the faucet you choose is compatible with your bowl or sink, especially when paired with a countertop or in-wall basin faucet.
Anti-drip faucet
Just think about the lifespan of a new faucet, or more importantly, how long can a new faucet last without dripping? A high-quality product should ensure that the faucet can be used normally for a long time and is drip-free for life. The ceramic valve core is a disc made of hardened ceramic sheet, which is durable and non-abrasive, and will not leak even in harsh water conditions.
Pull-out faucet
When choosing bathroom and kitchen faucets, it is recommended to use a faucet with a pull-out or pull-down type. The end of the outlet of this faucet can be pulled out, similar to a side spray, allowing you to flow water to wherever you need the basin.
Faucet with two-speed water-saving valve core technology
If you are very concerned about water saving, it is recommended to choose a faucet with dual-position water-saving valve core technology. There is a block when the handle is opened to the half-open position, and it will not open all the way, allowing you to better control the amount of water and save precious water resources.

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