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How to Choose a Shower Mixer

A mixer shower is a great way to give you the ultimate luxury shower experience, as it blends both hot and cold water together before sending it out of the shower head. They are easy to install and work with both high and low pressure water systems, making them an ideal choice for any bathroom.
What is a shower mixer?
A shower mixer is a valve that mixes hot and cold water and sends it on to the shower head. It also has easy-to-use controls that let you set the temperature of your water before you even turn it on.
There are many different types of shower mixer available on the market, with each offering a different level of safety and convenience. The most popular type is the thermostatic mixer, which constantly monitors and adjusts the temperature of your water. This ensures that your water never goes colder than you would like, and that it’s always at a comfortable temperature so you don’t get scalded.
If you have a combi boiler, there are shower mixers available specifically for this system that are designed to deliver a reliable and safe water supply. If you have a traditional boiler system, you can find a variety of other options, including electric and dual-pressure models that use your existing plumbing system to supply water.
How do I choose a shower mixer?
There are two main ways to install a shower mixer; exposed or concealed. Exposed models have the entire shower unit on show, while concealed units have all of the pipework hidden behind a wall. This means you can have a sleeker, more modern style in your bathroom.
Choosing the right type of mixer for you can be a tricky decision, as there are so many different options on the market. You need to consider the type of water system in your home, whether you need an electric or a dual-pressure model and how much space you have for the installation.
The most common type of shower mixer is a thermostatic mixer, which keeps your water at a steady, consistent temperature. Thermostatic mixers are perfect for families with young children or older residents, as they prevent scalding by continuously monitoring and adjusting the temperature of your water. They can be operated manually or by using a thermostatic control, which is a digital option that lets you set the exact temperature of your water, so it’s always at a safe and comfortable level.
It’s also important to note that a mixer shower is not as energy efficient as an electric or dual-pressure model. It uses up to 15 litres of water per minute, whereas an electric shower only uses around 6-10 litres. This can result in a slight reduction in water and energy costs, but the difference will depend on your specific circumstances.

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